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Whilst it is a sad reality that on occasions despite the best efforts of the medical profession a patient’s life cannot be saved, there are occasions where a loved ones’ death was avoidable but was not prevented due to failings in the medical care they received.

In such circumstances the pain of the loss is often compounded by the belief that death has occurred due to errors in medical treatment that were preventable.

Whilst a medical negligence claim may not be the immediate concern for a family trying to cope with a loss and no sum of money can compensate a family for the emotional trauma and loss suffered, we have seen first-hand the benefits that pursuing such a claim can have in the fullness of time.

  1. In some cases assistance can be provided to families through the inquest process when the cause of death is felt to be uncertain
  2. Through the thorough investigation of your claim by our experienced solicitors, independent medical expert evidence will be obtained which often provides families with information and clarification on the events which lead to death.
  3. Recognition of the mistakes made by those responsible which resulted in the loss can in some cases provide some comfort.
  4. Finally, there will often be serious financial consequences for the family who have lost a loved one to deal with which add to the trauma and can impact upon many aspects of life now and in the future. In respect of these difficulties, securing an award of compensation can be vital.

Whilst the ways in which failings in medical care can result in death are extremely wide, some of the most common seen are:

    1. Failures to carry out routine screening
    2. Symptoms not acted upon quickly enough by a GP or hospital doctor
    3. A failure to make a correct diagnosis
    4. Errors made during surgical procedures.
    5. Medication errors
    6. Failures in nursing care or care homes resulting in injuries which lead to death

We appreciate that the possibility of bringing such a claim at an already very difficult time can be daunting. For this reason, seeking specialist legal advice is essential. We at Freemans have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of Clinical Negligence claims. We appreciate that cases resulting in the death of a loved one involve huge emotional and practical issues and will at all times act with compassion and understanding. We are here for you.

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