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Misdiagnosis is a general term which covers a wide range of possible medical negligence claims. 

There are broadly three ways in which you may have suffered a misdiagnosis.

1. A complete misdiagnosis – Where there was a total failure to diagnose what was causing your health problems, meaning you were denied the treatment you needed.

2. A delay in diagnosis – Where there was an unacceptable delay in the correct diagnosis being made meaning there was a delay in you receiving the treatment you needed.

3. Incorrect diagnosis – Where you were diagnosed as suffering from a different condition and the treatment you then received was incorrect for the problems you had.

There is almost no end to the conditions which it is possible to misdiagnose, however some of the most common ones we deal with include:

  • Cancer misdiagnosis – including breast, bowel, and skin cancer
  • Missed fractures
  • Missed tendon injuries
  • Delayed diagnosis of compartment syndrome
  • Delayed diagnosis of infections, including necrotising fasciitis
  • Delayed diagnosis of meningitis
  • Delayed diagnosis of appendicitis
  • Misdiagnosis of diabetes
  • Misdiagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

In order to bring a successful claim it is necessary to show that there has been some sort of injury or consequence of the misdiagnosis.

Sometimes a misdiagnosis is corrected quickly without the patient suffering as a result.  On other occasions however the delay in making the diagnosis and starting treatment can have a huge impact on things such as:

  • Pain and distress caused
  • Speed and level of recovery
  • Permanent injuries and/or a reduced life expectancy
  • Loss of earnings due to lengthened or incomplete recovery
  • Need for further medical treatment and medical equipment
  • Day to day enjoyment of life

We at Freemans have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of Clinical Negligence claims. We fully appreciate that having suffered injuries as a result of a diagnosis not being made when you have actively sought out medical assistance can be particularly upsetting. We also know that some of the consequences of a delay in receiving a correct diagnosis and treatment can have devastating and long lasting consequences. Using our knowledge and expertise we will ensure that your claim is investigated fully, in a sensitive manner. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are not only compensated for the pain and losses caused by your injuries but that you also receive support and any further treatment and rehabilitation you may need.

If you think that you have suffered an injury or poor outcome as a result of a medical misdiagnosis then you may be entitled to compensation.

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