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Whilst our primary aim is to provide you with quality legal advice in order to achieve the best possible settlement for you, there are other things which we can assist with to try and improve your situation further.


The aim of rehabilitation is to improve your day to day life reducing the impact of your injuries. This can be achieved by improving and restoring physical strength, considering therapies and adaptations to reduce the impact on any ongoing physical limitations, improve psychological and emotional wellbeing and your ability to engage socially.

Which (if any) of these are relevant will depend upon the nature of the injuries you have suffered. Through the process of the claim, types of rehabilitation which you would benefit from will be identified. We can then provide you with assistance to ensure you have access to what you need.

Examples of types of assistance you may benefit from include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Pain management – treating both the physical and psychological aspects of chronic pain
  • Occupational therapy – care and aids and equipment to assist with daily living
  • Accommodation adaptations
  • Information technology aids
  • Neuro-rehabilitation
  • Case Managers – to implement and oversee complex packages of care, adaptations, aids and rehabilitation

Interim Payments

In some cases it may be possible to show at an early stage, well in advance of the claim concluding, that the Defendant is likely to be found fully or partially responsible for your injuries and losses.

In such situations often a request for an interim payment can be made.  This is a partial payment of your compensation in advance of any final settlement being awarded.  This can be achieved by agreement with the Defendant or through seeking a Court Order.

Whilst an interim payment cannot exceed what is felt to be a reasonable proportion of the likely final award for compensation it is often sufficient to enable you to implement some of the services and packages above or to cover any significant loss of earnings you have suffered as a result of your injuries.  This means therefore that you are able to obtain the assistance you need without having to wait until the case concludes.

Protecting Means Tested Benefits

On receipt of a compensation settlement, your financial situation will of course change, which could impact upon any means tested benefits you receive.

It is however possible to protect your benefits entitlement whilst having access to the compensation you have been awarded. This is done by setting up a Personal Injury Trust and is something we would discuss with you prior to damages being paid.


When you win your claim most of your legal costs (solicitor’s fees, expert’s fees, barrister’s fees and Court fees) are usually paid for by the Defendant.

More detail on the way claims are funded is set out here.

If you believe you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence and are entitled to compensation and the benefits that such an award can bring please call one of our solicitors today on 0191 222 1030 for a free consultation in relation to your claim or complete our website enquiry form.


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